the story...

i don't like uppercase letters too much, but i know i was put here to make music.. when i was like 12, i got a bass guitar, and was bored of it by the next summer. sold that bitch, and hustled up a little bit more money to buy my first set of turntables. two cortex hdtt-5000's and a numark m3. started djing electronic music, and was handing out show fliers and cd's by my freshman year in high school. i traveled around texas djing shows in the next couple years, but i got bored of that too.. didn't care for the music anymore once i got off the drugs. i always freestyled with homies, bullshitttin, smoking blunts, and would write sometimes, but never took it seriously until i spent a few weeks in solitary at twin towers, los angeles.. got arrested for a $150,000 warrant i knew nothing about, three days before my 21st birthday: march 1st, 2016. i was meditating all day, eating three meals, sober, writing lyrics on toilet paper, working out n shit in a 6x10 cell, by myself 24 hours a day, and i planned out the next year of my life. amongst plenty other irrelevant events, i got outta jail, moved back to texas, and took out a loan to buy recording equipment. i didn't tell anyone about my music for almost a year, & dropped my first song and a cypher feature on april 9th, 2017, following up with a track or two/week. #ashsundays  everything has gone as planned, and i touch mothafuckas hearts daily. 110,000 soundcloud plays later, i'm on every music outlet you can think of, and i'm making my own website, while working towards creating my own label, consisting of artists making REAL music. this 2017, we outchere conscious n shit. raising the standards. this is deep state.. ▲

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